Image credit/ James Harris

RDAI Architecture’s Dining Room Pavilion Presented by Galerie Philippe Gravier

Dining Room Pavilion is a complex microarchitecture, a cupola within a wooden trelliswork. The dome houses a warm and surprisingly inviting dining room. Its materials are natural and unprocessed, and with little furniture and few objects within, the pavilion’s atmosphere is almost ascetic, despite its classical Latin volumes. The lighting is diffused and enveloping.

RDAI practices architecture, interior architecture, and design. Under the creative direction of Denis Montel, the agency Rena Dumas founded in 1972 is imbued with her legacy of rigor and elegance. RDAI Architecture was established in 2007 to focus on architectural projects. The creativity and versatility of RDAI have won the agency an international reputation. The firm’s recent work demonstrates the dexterity that has enabled it to conceive a diverse range of projects within a single sphere of ideas. Working on all scales, from entire buildings to interior environments and individual objects, RDAI’s distinguishing characteristic is its conceptual approach, which involves considering the whole in order to produce a rational and coherent project.