Image credit/ James Harris

Jean Prouvé‘s Architecture Presented by Galerie Patrick Seguin

This selection is a series of emblematic elements of architecture spanning Jean Prouvé’s oeuvre, comprising works from both Prouvé’s demountable houses and schools as well as examples of his iconic mur rideau (curtain wall) facades. Collectively they point to Prouvé’s avant-garde risk-taking as a constructor, and individually they reflect the diverse commissions and projects upon which Prouvé embarked particularly in France and Africa. The range of materials that compose the panels, including aluminum, metal, glass, and wood, reflects Prouvé’s mastery of them in his endless quest for simplicity and efficiency that rendered this aesthetic his own. Two of these panels feature the circular “hublot” windows, a markedly distinct motif synonymous with Prouvé.

These elements illustrate Prouvé’s important contribution to French midcentury architecture that continues to have a resounding influence today. Arranged in a freestanding cube, the works can be appreciated from all sides, separately, and as an ensemble.