Image credit/ James Harris

DiscoGufram Presented by Gufram

Gufram’s restless energy and joie de vivre could not find a better way to explode during Design Miami/ Basel. Based on the historical pieces the company has presented in its colorful catalogues since the tumultuous and fascinating times of the Italian Radical Design movement, Gufram asks visitors to dance at DiscoGufram, its very own visionary disco. Discover how a symbolic place like the discotheque, a space intertwined with pop culture since the mid-1960s, can be rethought and reshaped by contemporary objects to combine past and present.

Gufram invited three groups of creative minds—Italian Atelier Biagetti (Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari), Dutch ROTGANZEN (Robin Stam and Joeri Horstink), and French GGSV (Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard)—to create a surreal disco. In this project Gufram pushes the limits of furniture to offer an energetic, kaleidoscopic, and enthusiastic experience.

At DiscoGufram, every floor can be a dance floor.