Image credit/ James Harris

Atelier Luma Presented by the Luma Foundation

Atelier Luma presents four pavilions displaying a selection of Atelier Luma’s projects developed from natural resources— algae, sunflowers, mussel waste, and rice husks—to create sustainable, innovative materials such as biopolymer and biolaminate. The modular pavilions are covered with biomaterials, illustrating the potential uses of natural resources and waste—part of Aterlier Luma’s social design initiative that promotes new means of production that rely on local knowledge, craftsmanship, and technology.

The Luma Foundation launched Atelier Luma in 2016 as part of an experimental cultural center under construction in Arlies in the South of France. The think tank, production workshop, and learning network is creating a cross-disciplinary center that builds on the local resources and ecological context and a social network of individuals and talent in Arles and beyond.