Image credit/ James Harris

TORRI presents Adyton by Vincent Beaurin

Vincent Beaurin subverts traditional protocols for exhibiting design in this Curio. The installation, composed of sixteen Ocelles, plunges the spectator in an experiment of color combinations conducive to meditation.

“Vincent Beaurin attaches crucial importance to the aptness of forms and the completeness of their execution, lending his works a confi dent certainty, whatever their dimensions. This certainty and this obviousness are obtained through a pre-semiotic visual language: colours are neither sign-like nor symbolic, but emotional and atmospheric; forms are not complex but elementary and organic; the meaning is never transcendent but immanent. Landscapes, climates, the mineral world and the sun’s cycle all form the horizon of an artist of contemplation, who reconciles in his works painting and sculpture, surface and volume, textures and outlines, self-presence and refl ection about space. Vincent Beaurin’s works are go-betweens, light, sentimental and tough. They offer a powdered harmony, an intense calm, a vigorous serenity, that, needless to add, of the alchemist, but above all that of an artist drawn along by a radical quest: the quest for the exposure of optical and pictorial phenomena, forms of liaison and synaesthesia, and a sincere state of the world and art.” —Clément Dirié, Memento vivi, 2017