Image credit/ James Harris

Nadia Morgenthaler Haute Joaillerie presents Of Shadow and Light

One forges an identity as one forges a metal, taking the time to feel the material and become accustomed to its way of working. Similarly, it took jewelry designer Nadia Morgenthaler both time and maturity to develop her creative language and translate it into exceptional jewelry brought to life exclusively in her Geneva atelier. Morgenthaler invites viewers to discover in her unique pieces their contrasting elements, which is the core of her project at Design Miami/ Basel. Her aim is to make visible in the same space both shadow and light.

The shadow represents everything that is not visible in the physical jewel, but whose influence is decisively felt in the finished object. Her creative process is immersed in an environment reminiscent of a nineteenthcentury industrial workshop, a representation of the passing of time that is imperative to the realization of such exceptional pieces. Images and objects from Morgenthaler’s creative universe lie in the penumbra waiting to be discovered as the hidden side of her creative process.

Light is all that is visible: the culmination of the process and the finished jewel. Rare, singular, and unique objects, pieces of collectible art—these are the colorful elements embellished by remarkable, lively gemstones, extraordinary jewels that illuminate the space with their contemporary character.